"Special care is taken into every detail and stitch."


I started my career as a designer doing a 2.5 year training as a seamstress in a dressmaker's studio in Germany. During that time I developed an eye for quality and detail.
I liked to work with different fabrics and materials. I also like to construct and build things which led to my passion in making bags during my years in Art School where I got a degree as a Fashion Designer.

I enjoyed working in the fashion industry. It was nice having other people make your designs for a while, but I really missed making things by myself at the same time.

Life changed, we moved to the US and having a family become a priority in my life.

Running my own business making bags became a dream come true.
I started making bridesmaid's purses and can proudly say that my purses accessorized many weddings.

Finally, I recovered my passion working with leather and my new collection was created: Elophina

I joined a Maker Space where I am able to combine new technology in combination with traditional craftsmanship by using a laser cutter, a leather sewing machine as well as an embroidery machine to create my bags and accessories.

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